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LUNIWASH produces WASHER EXTRACTORS ONE FRONT and DOUBLE FRONT to be “WALL-RIDER” installed between contaminated and sterile zone. Luniwash Washer Extractors are intended for the industrial washing and treatment of textile materials, without solvents, immersed in a water bath with the use of chemical products.


  • Microprocessor
  • One Motor and Inverter or Three Motors
  • Keyboard Touch screen
  • Automatic set of the drum
  • Different options chosen by the customer


The most important mechanical characteristics are:

  • The suspension system which allows to place the washer on the ground without fixing it;
  • The frontal plate and the loading and unloading doors COMPLITELY IN STAINLESS STEEL 304;
  • The basket, divided into 2 or 3 sectors, is equipped with a drilling very dense even in partitions allowing good circulation of the chemicals present and an optimal rinsing;
  • Motors, Inverters and microprocessor are among the best available on the market;

    The quality of our production, CE mark, is guaranteed by a rigorous test performed individually on each washer extractions.